Jujitsu is a traditional Japanese martial art whose derivatives include Judo and Aikido. Jujitsu was the unarmed system of fighting used by the samurai when they could not (or chose not to) use their weapons. There are various systems, or “ryu”, that grew out of the different families of ancient Japan.

The Nibukikan teaches Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu three nights a week in our adult classes. New students are welcome to attend each evening. Additional work out times can be arranged with the instructors or brown belt students.

Dan Zan Ryu

Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu was created by Henry S. Okazaki, a Japanese man who moved from Japan to Hawaii at a young age. Dan Zan Ryu literally means “Sandalwood Mountain System”, referring to a name used by the Chinese to describe the Hawaiian Islands.

Dan Zan Ryu is an eclectic system of unarmed martial arts, including traditional jujitsu techniques, hand arts, throwing, constrictions, striking, and defenses against weapons.

Jujitsu teaches its students to use their opponent’s force and movement against them. It relies on timing, sensitivity, coordination, and focus to defend against opponents of any size.

Continued and focused training in Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu promotes:

  • Physical fitness
  • Awareness
  • Self confidence
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination

Traditional Techniques of Dan Zan Ryu

Yawara: (soft, gentle, pliable) Hand techniques involving escapes, holds, and joint locks.

Nage No Kata: (forms of throwing) Throwing techniques involving hip throws, back throws, hand throws, foot sweeps, leg sweeps, and sacrifice throws.

Shime No Kata: (forms of constriction) Grappling techniques involving pins, chokes, arm bars, body constrictions, and leg constrictions.

Oku No Kata: (deeper forms) Combination techniques involving concepts of Yawara, Nage, and Shime.

Kiai No Maki: (scroll of harmonizing the spirit) Techniques of spirit/confidence building, knife (tanto) and gun (tanju) defenses, sword defense (daito), iron fan (tessen), and staff (bo).

Shinnin No Maki: (scroll of the spirit man) Advanced techniques reserved for Black Belts.

Shinyo No Maki: (scroll of the yang spirit) Advanced techniques reserved for upper level Black Belts.

Shingen No Maki: (scroll of original spirit) Advanced striking techniques taught by invitation of the Judan only.

Other Techniques of Dan Zan Ryu

Rolls & Falls: Forward and backward rolling and breakfalls designed to teach students how to land safely and avoid injury.

Goshin Jitsu: (techniques of self defense) A collection of various self defense techniques involving wrist holds, throws, and other escapes.

Atemi: (striking the body) Various knockout blows.

Nerve Course: (painful nerve points)  Nerve centers that can be used in other techniques to add a higher level of pain and control.

Kappo: (methods of resuscitation) Techniques to revive an unconscious person, stop nose bleeds, relax a locked diaphragm.

Seifukujitsu: (restoration techniques) Ancient healing techniques.

Massage: (general circulatory massage)  A full-body, deep tissue massage for relieving muscle fatigue, soreness, and stress.   Regular massage promotes health, flexibility, and general well being.